Friday, 26 April 2013

We painted our Tuff spot!

Today, we painted our Tuff spot, with a little help from our trusty train friends.

We chose five colours and five trains; each train was assigned a colour.

And off we went!

I had envisaged a kaleidoscopic effect...

...which showed promise for a bit.

But then hands got involved!

Soon, both children were in the Tuff spot, covered in paint.

The clean up was a major operation!


  1. Looks fab! Was it relatively contained? Wld love to give it a try x

  2. Looks like great fun was had by both!!

  3. Oh that's come out really well! I've never thought to paint the actual Tuff Spot, I've always lined it with paper. Definitely going to do this as the effect is really striking. Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Love it! Now that our tuff spot has finally arrived I can try this! My 4yo would love to do this with cars! #MessyPlay

  5. Thank you for the comments - it was great fun and could, of course, be done with anything. I only chose trains as my son is obsessed! I love the idea of having the Tuff spot as a blank canvas and allowing the children to paint it using brushes/fingers. It is so versatile a back-drop and very, very easy to clean afterwards. To be honest, I only decided they could paint the actual Tuff spot because we ran out of paper! But I'm glad I did, as I really like the effect.

  6. Looks great! Always good when hands and bodies get involved too...truly 'multisensory'!