Saturday, 23 February 2013

What's on your desk?

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For some reason, I couldn't think of anything to blog about today.  I know, terrible, eh?  Just a bit of a mental block.  Then I remembered something I've seen a few times - the "What's in your handbag?" post.

Now, to be totally honest, I don't really *do* bags - I have pockets (I'm a bit of a bloke like that).  I had one for a bit and it slowly filled with crap and then it broke.  I've not bothered since.

What I do have, however, is a desk and THIS is where my crap now accumulates.  Granted, it's not as portable as a bag but it does mean that I will never go to pay for something in M&S and pull out a tampon with my purse.  Again.  Because all that junk is right here.

The comprehensive inventory of my old desk reads as follows:

PC (and associated paraphernalia inc. external hard drive, speakers and webcam)
Laptop and charger (in case PC breaks?)
Mobile phone
Splonker (our word for remote control, inexplicably)
Two ornaments
Fifteen shells/pebbles
Two dice
Unopened post
A book about Italy
Debit card and cash (who needs a purse?)
Tape measure
Leapfrog lead
Some drawings from the kids
Lists (numerous)
A Chinese adaptor plug
Cameras (mine and Jasmine's)
Video camera (Jasmine's)
Driving license
Cigarettes and matches (hiding in a drawer, just in case...)
An Easter egg box (I have no idea where the contents went)
More books about Italy
Scissors and sellotape (two of each)
Crisps (my sister's)
Photos of the kids
Valentine's card
Salt dough initials (waiting to be painted and displayed in kids bedroom)
A pair of pink shoes that Jasmine grew out of when she was three months old
Body spray (hubby's)
More books on Italy (I may have a problem)
Bottle of water
Hair ties
Half a fish finger (SONNY!)
Some beads, in a drawer
Tea lights
An empty cup
A Thomas and Friends poster
A Santa hat
Baby wipes
The Gruffalo story book
Jigsaw puzzle pieces
There you have it - my desk. 

What's on yours?  Or, if you're a girl, what's in your handbag?

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