Saturday, 3 December 2011

Happy Birthday Jasmine

Dear Jas,

My baby girl is three.  I am still struggling to find where the time has gone since you were tiny and pink and screaming.  And yet it also feels as though you have been with us forever.  My life before you seems so dull compared to how it is now, with you in it; bouncing and laughing and so full of life.

You have learnt so much this last year: how to do a forward roll, unaided; how to scoot really quickly; how to crack an egg (more successfully that I can); how to count to 20; how to recognise numbers and letters; how to be the most excellent big sister and how to make anything into a great game.  When you turned two, you were not the big girl you are today; you were dependent on nappies, dummies and bottles.  Now, at three, you are completely potty-trained and can settle yourself with a book; although we must have a chat about your bedtime delaying tactics soon.

I am so very proud of you, Jasmine.  Admittedly, this blog is called Smiles and Trials because of you and your ability to bring so much brilliant fun and horrific frustration to any day.  But even through the difficult times, I am proud of you.  You are fiercely independent and headstrong.  You know your own mind better than some adults I've encountered over the years - how could I not be proud of that?
You also have the incredible ability to walk into any situation and just get on with it.  Whether it be gymnastics, ballet, Caterpillars, art class, a brand new preschool or just the local park, you get stuck in and invariably end up giggling away with some new friend or other.  And you are getting really, really good at concentrating.  I am very impressed with this.  The foam mosaic you made with Daddy was beautiful.  Your enthusiasm for reading and writing is brilliant.  Your new-found adoration of the Wizard of Oz is less fun, but I can deal with that.

Sometimes, it would be nice if you listened to us.

But it is always lovely to have you here, Jas.  I miss you when you go to sleep.

I love you more than my arms can show.  I love you to the moon....and back!

Happy birthday!

Love, Mummy xxx

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