Thursday, 2 June 2011

While The Children Are Away...

...Mummy and Daddy will clean, apparently.

After a few hectic weeks of back pain and financial stress, a period during which Sunshine learned to crawl and Mini mastered the art of not listening, the bubbas have gone to my mum's for a few days to give us a break.  While I love and miss the children hugely, I had been looking forward to this time for a while and felt an underlying sparkle of belief that we would have a few days reminiscent of those we enjoyed when first together.

Unfortuntely, we appear to have changed since those days.  Even though we are alone and the house is quiet, it is difficult just to relax and enjoy it.  So it happened that we made a plan to tidy and clean the house and garden and have spent the majority of the last 24 hours doing just that.

One thing we have managed, however, is to fit in a couple of never before seen movies; The Expendables and Gainsbourg.  Two words - don't bother.  The Expendables is alright but fairly unremarkable as far as action movies go, despite its impressive cast.  And Gainsbourg?  As a biopic, it is useless; as a story, it is strange, confusing and disjointed.

So, the films were unsuccessful but the house is clean, and I am happy to end this post on a high note - the movie of choice for tonight is Toy Story 3!

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  1. We do change over time and especially after having children. That relationship we once had with our spouse seems to take a sabbatical as we realise the kids. And then, like you say, when they're not there, you miss them. It's amazing how much they change our lives.

    CJ xx