Thursday, 23 June 2011

Potty training: an update

As I write, Mini has been in knickers all day, every day for 12 days with just two accidents and these occurred when she couldn't find a toilet.  We have been out almost every day and she has coped well with new situations and we now trust her to ask whenever she needs to go.

Today, we took Sunshine to see a doctor (high temp., flushed, not eating, unhappy) and he was prescribed antibiotics for a possible ear or throat infection, so we popped to the pharmacy round the corner from our house and were told it would be a ten minute wait.  Deciding that ten minutes is long enough for Mini to wreak monumental havoc, we took her to look round the charity shop next door instead.  To be honest, there was nothing of great interest to us, but Mini found a balloon that she was enamoured by and stayed in the toy section whilst the rest of us had a quick look at the paperbacks.

After three or four minutes, I noticed that Mini was being very quiet, which is never a good sign.  I wandered over to the toy section to find her standing behind a pink potty (complete with price tag) with her trousers and knickers round her ankles.

"Oh no, Jas, you haven't..." I groaned.

"Don't worry, mummy," she said, cheerfully, "I did my poo on the potty."

Sticking to the positives, at least she's finally got the hang of potty training!