Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Daddy Blog

It may have escaped your notice (ahem), but this Sunday is Father's Day; the celebration of all things Daddy.  This cannot come at a better time in our house, where it has not gone unnoticed that mum's do not only get priority use of Iceland, but they get the majority of the credit when it comes to parenting, both in advertising and socially.

So, to redress the balance, I am going to tell you 10 reasons why my boyfriend is a great Daddy:-

1.  He makes the best hot chocolate, ever.

2.  He does his fair share of night feeds, nappy changes and rocking to sleep.

3.  He will always play with Mini and Sunshine, every day, even when his back is telling him not to.

4.  He spends a lot of time every week driving his children to the activities in which they want to partake.

5.  He doesn't complain about his aforementioned position of Taxi Driver, he gets on with it, and it makes him smile to see the kids happy.

6.  He has read the Gruffalo's Child to Mini so many times that he knows it by heart.

7.  He can extricate any toy from its packaging - and you know that's no mean feat!

8.  He will always, and I mean always, try to please all of the children, all of the time.  No request is out of the question.

9.  He will drive 40 miles to pick up a rabbit and spend 3 hours erecting its hutch just to see Mini happy.

10.  He isn't afraid to shop at Iceland.

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