Friday, 27 May 2011

Raison d'etre

Everyone has a reason to live; not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone who gives them a million reasons.

My raison d'etre looks after me every day, brings me tea and gives me cuddles.  He makes me his number one, he loves me every day and he tells me all the time, which always makes me smile.  He holds me at night, even when he is asleep.  He has given me the two most precious gifts in our children - no one can top that.  He has given me the happiest days of my life.  Even when we have nothing, he makes every day special and makes me the centre of the day, of his World.  He gives me hope, laughter, excitement and visions of our joint future.

I cannot thank him enough all of the above and so much more, but I will try to, day by day.

I love you, James.

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