Saturday, 7 May 2011

Preschooling: The Montessori Way

Since January, Mini has attended a local preschool in a small Church hall, situated about 30 seconds walk from where we used to live.  Nothing special, but a good experience nonetheless.  Mini has learnt about numbers, had the opportunity to socialise with other children, and even operated the hose of a fire truck (this was probably the highlight for her).

Now, I am not saying that this school is not good enough for my little girl, and she would almost certainly still be in attendance now if we had not moved to a house a little further away.  The move simply provided us with a good opportunity to take a look at other preschool options, which is when we discovered that there is a Montessori preschool about ten minutes down the road from us.

The Montessori approach essentially involves encouraging children to learn and develop at their own pace by stimulating their natural curiosity.  As I shan't be going into detail here, for those interested in learning more about Maria Montessori's educational theories and practices, please use this link:

And for anyone who lives in the Worthing area and would like their child to experience the Montessori education, the preschool's website is as follows:-

Mini's father and I have put in a request for her to start in September so watch this space!

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