Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I know I did my reasons to be cheerful just a few days ago, but have been reading the latest entry over at Kooky Boutique and thought I would compile by own gratitude list:

1:-  Daddy is better - he is still having back troubles but is in less pain than last week.

2:-  Mini and Sunshine are both healthy and happy.

3:-  The weather has been good enough to hang washing outside to dry.

4:-  There is a new series of Family Guy just started on BBC3

5:-  We need to go food shopping tomorrow, which means we will have nice things in the cupboard for a couple of days (these will soon disappear though and we will be left with pasta and tinned tomatoes again, ho hum).

So, there's my little list, but do you know what I'm most grateful for at the moment?  That I could easily make that list a lot longer.  Happy days!

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